Tips for Holding a Wedding at a Bali Wedding Villa

The island of the gods, which has an exotic charm and stunning landscapes, has made it a popular choice for weddings. Even though Balinese wedding villas are available in a variety of choices, it doesn’t mean that wedding preparation is a simple task. Here are some tips you can apply to prepare for a wedding in Bali.


Simple Tips for a Bali Wedding


  1. Document Preparation

One of the main things that need to be prepared before the wedding day is a document. So that later there are no problems in registering your marriage on the civil registry, it is important for you and your partner to prepare complete documents before the wedding is held on the island of the gods.

You can ask civil registration officers and religious leaders in your city about what documents you need to get married in a different city like Bali. Make sure these files are complete long before the D-day, so that before the D-day you and your partner only need to go to Bali casually.


  1. Prepare a wedding budget

If you are planning to hold a wedding at a Bali wedding villa, of course you will understand very well that the budget that must be provided is not exactly small. Given that the budget itself is the main thing that must be prepared before the wedding plans are arranged, then you need to prepare a budget for these funds in advance.

Wedding events require fees that cover all the needs of the event at the location you choose, starting from villa rental, wedding equipment, decorations, catering, accommodation for the bride and groom and family, documentation, and so on. You should use a wedding organizer to arrange all the details for your wedding.


  1. Choosing a Wedding Package

In choosing a wedding villa bali package, you should pay attention to the facilities available and the budget you have prepared. Compare the two, then you can get the wedding ceremony you want with the right funds. The wedding package at a Bali wedding villa is certainly not the same and will be different from other villas.

Therefore, you should choose a villa wedding that offers a complete package so that you don’t have the stress of arranging a wedding. Choose a package that contains complete details, which includes documentation, catering, flower bouquets, to additional rooms for relatives. Also make sure that the area of ​​the room and the outdoor area of ​​the villa is suitable for holding a wedding party.

Big moments in your life such as weddings will run smoothly if you prepare them well. Therefore, choosing a villa wedding must also be done appropriately. You can make The Surga Villa Estate in Uluwatu, Bali, your choice. The Surga offers a complete wedding package with maximum service.

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